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Top 25 Funny Informative Essay Topics To Write About

An informative essay is the type of an academic paper where the author should inform the readers about some topic. Teachers often give such tasks to students. Although, usually students should write their works on some serious subjects, sometimes, they’re free to select some funny topics too. If you want not only to inform, but also to set your readers laughing, you may consider choosing one of the following topics.

  1. The reasons that cause good girls to love bad boys.
  2. The most embarrassing moment in my life.
  3. How to sustain a boring conversation at a party.
  4. The list of funny facts about girls.
  5. The list of funny facts about boys.
  6. The strangest thing that happened to me.
  7. The funniest memory from my childhood.
  8. The best way to annoy a babysitter.
  9. How to get more presents for the next Christmas.
  10. The things that you can’t say in public.
  11. Why men and women have different tastes in movies.
  12. Why older women don’t tell the truth about their age.
  13. The best way to irritate a salesman.
  14. Why smart people often behave stupidly.
  15. How to live a happy life without money.
  16. My first date.
  17. How to cope with people whom you don’t like.
  18. How to write excuse notes for your parents.
  19. Why dads are funnier than moms.
  20. How to find your own prince charming.
  21. How to be a great host at any event.
  22. How to buy gifts that will really please people.
  23. Why men shouldn’t wear skinny jeans.
  24. What I would do on a desert island.
  25. How not to get bored in a traffic jam.

If you select one of these topics, you’re likely to write an interesting and funny informative essay. However, you should remember that it’s not enough just to have a good topic. Your writing should be on a high level too if you want to grab your readers’ attention and earn an excellent grade for your work. Make sure that the text of your essay flows smoothly and logically. For your readers to understand all the details and jokes you should use simple language and terms that everybody knows.

Although, you don’t need to raise any arguments in this type of a paper, it should have a solid structure nevertheless. Make sure that you have an introduction that briefly presents your topic, a body that consists of major descriptions and explanations, and a conclusion that summarizes your ideas.